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If you’re ready to jump to the next

level of growth in your personal and business life, while working less and doing more of what you love to do, discover how Allie Jorgensen Consulting can help you turn your

goals into reality. 


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Goal Achievement - Mindset, Productivity and Time Mastery One-On-One Coaching

Business Coaching Program Based On YOUR Needs


Not a generic program, but a personalized program.


This is an intensive 60 minute one-on-one program with Allie to dig deep into

your largest goals. Then with her personalized streamline method you determine your most

important goal. Next, a deep dive into the most important aspects of this goal, and then create strategies for each bullet point of your business design. With your powerful new mind-shift and focus you create a plan based on timeline, growth and profit. Together we come up with a prioritization schedule and a new blueprint design is created. 


There will be a follow up calls every other week to help you with accountability and answer any questions that may come up. in 30 days we celebrate your progress and revise strategies to overcome whatever obstacles have come up for you during the 30 days.  You also have email access to answer your most important questions.

When you learn to effectively prioritize your day, you can get back 10 hours of your time every week, do more of what you love to do and multiply your productivity and revenue.

When you’re clear on your goals and and have a proven plan and path to achieve those goals, your desired outcome is certain.













For a limited time Allie is accepting a few new clients to work with in her intensive one-on-one

business coaching session. In this session you will:

  • Create Clarity and Focus on the ultimate outcome for your business

  • Discover concepts and tools to better manage your time, productivity and mindset

  • Create and expand your Productivity and Time Management Tool Kit

  • Develop your ultimate achievement mindset to grow your business and profits

  • Discover your unique strengths, skills, and talents so you can utilize them with ease

  • Spend more time doing what you love and achieve your goals quicker

  • Increase your time freedom so you have more time to spend with your friends and family

  • Set powerful, specific and measurable goals, and actually achieve them.

  • Achieve the optimum work life balance, including nutrition, fitness and self-care

  • Wake up each day excited and motivated, ready to accomplish your most challenging goals

​​A Proven Path To Your Ideal Future 

The focus of this Business coaching program is entirely on you, your vision,

your time freedom, your unique strengths and how to free up your time to make it all possible.

You’ll get clear on your goals and create the habits, the focus and the mindset that will

give you the confidence, skills,  and accountability to achieve your biggest results.

You will create a written blueprint to take with you to keep your productivity and time

management on track.

The focus will be on:

  • Discovering what you do best and brings in the most revenue

  • Freeing up hours of your time to organize and focus on your day to create better results.

  • Create long term and short term goals that you’re most excited about to grow your business

  • Implementing and creating a written business blueprint to support your goal achievement

What Support Will You Receive?

This is a one-on-one bi-weekly business coaching session with Allie that will provide you with 

total support and accountability and a step by step action plan to follow - and a celebration for your success in the follow up session at 30 days. 

You will meet with Allie for an intensive 60 minute session via Phone, Skype or Zoom,

and you will also receive dedicated support by email to ensure that you stay focused

and productive on achieving your goals.  

What Results Can You Expect To Achieve?

  • At the end of each 60 minute session you can expect to gain more clarity and focus on your most important goals. 

  • New strategic business ideas to increase the profits in your business. 

  • You can expect to have at least 10 hours of your time back per week.

  • Proven strategies so you will be spending at least 50% more of your time on revenue generating activities, and have increased revenue and profits. 

  • The focus for this Business coaching session is on maximizing your time and productivity so you can achieve bigger business results with more free time and a better work life balance.

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