4 Steps for Working Towards a Goal and Achieving It

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Goal setting is simple but learning how to start working on your goal can be challenging unless you are crystal clear on the outcome you want to achieve.  Working towards a goal and achieving your goal can transform your life, but it takes perseverance and the ability to break your goal down to make it manageable.

The key to working towards a goal and actually achieving it, is to make progress every day so you feel like there is some momentum to drive you forward.  Having goals for the things that are important to you and working towards them keeps you excited and motivated every day.  Your path towards actually achieving a goal may not always be smooth, so it’s important to set measurable goals with a deadline so you can course correct along the way.

Setting goals gives you the direction and a track to follow daily so you’re clear what activities to undertake to work towards your goals.

In this article I’m going to share four steps for working towards a goal, so you can actually achieve the goals that are most important to you.

How to work towards your goals

Here are 4 simple steps you can use to set your goals and work towards achieving your goals daily.

1. Write your goal down

Writing down your goal is the first step in working towards a goal.  Many people struggle with goal setting because they have big aspirations in their mind but don’t actually write down the specific, measurable goal they want to achieve.

Written down goals become more powerful as we emotionally and intellectually engage with the future result we want when we see it written down.

Decide on a small number of goals you want to achieve and when you want to achieve them by and then work towards them daily.

2. Break your goal down

Whether you have set a goal that is long-term or a short-term goal, the important thing is to get clear on the outcome you want to achieve and then plan your first step on your goals.

Big goals scan be scary, so it’s important to break your goal down into bite size chunks so the goal feels achievable.  If you don’t lay out your first step, and understand why that first step is important, you may start procrastinating.

Don’t have too many goals if you actually want to achieve your goal.  I recommend setting five measurable goals every quarter.  This number allows you to stay focused on goal achievement every day and ensures you don’t get overwhelmed.

Then lay out a clear plan and path to achieve your goals that includes monthly goals and weekly goals.  This gives you the goal setting framework to help you work towards your goal achievement daily.

3. Review your goals

Working towards a goal daily is a great process, but more important is to actually review your goal list. When you review your performance, you may find you’re doing well on some goals and less well on others.

You may find you have a ways to go on some goals, but you’re closed to completing some goals.

The good thing about checking in on progress every week, month and quarter is that you can change up your goals, if needed.

You may decide to give yourself more time to work towards a goal, amend the measurement for a goal or even make the decision to stop working towards a goal.

Remember, it’s fine to change course on your goals if necessary — or to change goals completely, if life calls for that.

You may decide to set different goals for the next quarter than you originally set.  Reviewing and amending your goals ensures you always have a sense of forward motion, and making progress is a big part of happiness.

4. Celebrate your goal achievement

The reason we start working towards a goal in the first place is that achieving that goal is important to us.  But, for many people, achieving a goal is just something they set out to do.  They don’t take the time to celebrate achieving their goals.

Celebrating goal achievement is essential to build motivation and self-confidence. When you take the time to look at, and celebrate, what you’ve achieved you feel much happier.

This feeling is also the launchpad for setting even bigger and better goals for the future.

Always take a moment to celebrate achieving a goal, however big or small it may be.


Working towards a goal takes perseverance and courage.  When we set specific, measurable goals that are important to us, there will always be obstacles to overcome in achieving those goals.

When you are clear on why the goal is important to you, and understand the difference achieving the goal will make in your life, you will become even more motivated.

Use these 4 simple tips to help you set goals and work towards your goals each day.  They will help you stay on track and make the progress you want.

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