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Le Rendement is the French word for Performance, Productivity, Time Management and Return on Investment. Allie Jorgensen founded LeRendement Consulting in honor of her French Grandmother, who used these principles to grow a substantial

business.  Today Le Rendement Corporate Consulting has  clients in the Music and Entertainment industries, and we also work with Fortune 500 Companies and their Corporate Executives.

Meet Allie Jorgensen

Best Selling Author, Speaker,

Goal Achievement and Time Management Coach

From Music to Time Management -

Allie Jorgensen went from being an Award Winning Singer/Songwriter to a Best Selling Author in

Jack Canfield's new book Success Strategies, sharing the 7 Secrets to Effective Time ManagementAllie created the techniques for Time Management while she was in the Music Industry and today, as the Founder of Le Rendement Consulting, Allie's passion is empowering Professionals in the music industry and corporate world as well as Entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level with ease. Allie has been trained and certified by some of the world's leading Time Management and Success Leaders such as Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins and Brian TracyShe also has been certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming to help you achieve faster mindset shifts and create real change.


For more than ten years, Allie has been helping clients in the Music and Entertainment industries, as wells as Fortune 500 Companies, with their mindset, business and time life
management. Allie has received many awards for her work in the music industry, as well as her work with corporate professionals.

She grew up in Los Angeles in the Music Industry and after struggling for many years, she became a  successful performance artist. She transitioned to working behind the scenes in the Music Industry by working with Musicians from around the world helping them with their mindset, time management, business and work life balance goals.


When she is working with Corporate Executives and Entrepreneurs, Allie helps them streamline their time management and achieve their work life balance goals. Her successful music magazine has a global reach and her corporate coaching clients include professionals from the Legal, Medical, Insurance and Entertainment industries.

Allie has been able to grow her Coaching Business to become a leader in helping entrepreneurs and professionals to create an effective system that is custom tailored for their specific productivity and time management needs. These custom made client specific systems help to free up more time to grow your business and achieve a better work-life balance.

Performance Coaching To Turn Your Goals Into Reality 

Imagine if you could:

  • Have a steady stream of ideal clients that you love.

  • Tell people what you do, and have them eagerly say ‘yes’!

  • Bring the excitement and passion back into your day

  • Double or triple your income each month.

The key ingredient?  A results oriented mindset and having clarity on what you do best and

simplifying your time and energy  so you can focus on your best and most unique strengths. 

As a business coach, I’m here to help you grow your business and create lasting success by

tapping into your unique talents and switch your mindset so you can work less and achieve

your goals simply and easily.  The result? Simple business growth.

Mindset and Time Management Coaching 

My coaching programs are designed so you can spend more time on the things that actually grow your business, and less time on the things that don’t.  You can achieve business growth, bring the excitement back into your day and experience greater freedom working with a proven business coach will help you:

  • Reclaim up to 10 hours of your time each week

  • Work less and do more of what you love

  • Achieve accelerated growth in your revenue and profits

  • Have more quality time to spend with your family

  • Achieve your biggest goals faster and more easily 

  • Experience greater excitement and joy in doing work you are uniquely gifted to do

  • Be more productive and less busy

Read more about the benefits of business coaching for entrepreneurs 

Efficiency Equals A Simpler Path To Business Growth

If you’re ready to take the next step towards achieving your biggest goals but are struggling to

find the time to actually grow your business, working with a proven business coach could be

the answer.

Return On investment and Greater Confidence To Grow Your Business 

Imagine if you could achieve these results working one-on-one in a strategy session call

  • Get back 10 hours every week 

  • Spend more time doing what you love to do and what you are uniquely qualified to do 

  • Have the confidence to scale your business faster

  • Bring the excitement back into your day.

  • Be more focused and productive

  • Achieve increased revenue and profits

  • Have more time to spend with your friends and family


Turn Your Goals Into Reality

In a world of complexity, a mindset and time management business coach can help you simplify your path to business growth.  Having greater clarity on your goals and a proven path and plan to achieve your goals can save you time, energy and money.  Working with a business coach will provide ongoing guidance, support, accountability and strategies to help you scale faster, work less hours and have more

time for what matters.

If you’ve thought about working with a business coach or want to get clarity on how you can achieve your goals quicker, schedule a complimentary 30-minute Clarity Call today.

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